Training for Success

Launch an effective training program quickly using our step-by-step guide.

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This course outlines the process of implementing a consistent, structured training program to transform entry-level workers into essential, even long-term, employees. Case studies highlight best practices and lessons learned from pet store owners who have successfully implemented structured employee training programs.

Audience: Managers

Track: Grow Employee Skills

Course Topics:

  • Train Employees to Help your Store Succeed
  • Develop a Plan & Materials for Training Employees
  • Establish a Process for Training Employees
  • Define Training Incentives
  • Launch Your Store’s Training Program

After completing this course, managers should be able to:

  • Explain how training helps your employees and your store succeed.
  • Develop the content and activities for your store’s training program.
  • Establish procedures for training and administration.
  • Define training incentives that will work for your team.
  • Launch your store’s training program.
  • Course topics: 1 hour
  • Course test: (No course test required)

Desktop, laptop, or tablet

Training for Success

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