Problem-Free Problem Solving

Use proven techniques to solve issues.

When you have a difficult problem in your store, it can help to use several approaches to solve it. This course introduces analytical and creative techniques to solve problems, implement solutions and evaluate their success, independently or with your team.

Audience: Managers

Subject: Business Basics

Course Topics:

  • Choose a Problem-Solving Style
  • Preparing to Solve Problems
  • Defining a Problem
  • Generating Solutions
  • Selecting a Solution
  • Using Weighted Voting to Select a Solution
  • Using the Nominal Group Technique to Select a Solution
  • Creating an Affinity Diagram to Select a Solution
  • Using Comparative Valuation to Select a Solution
  • Thinking Outside the Box to Select a Solution
  • Evaluating Consequences of a Potential Solution
  • Implementing a Solution
  • Evaluating the Solution

After completing this course, managers should be able to:

  • Describe analytical and creative approaches to problem solving.
  • Assess their preferred problem-solving style.
  • Identify and define problems clearly.
  • Describe how to consider a problem from multiple perspectives.
  • Outline five tactics to generate alternative solutions and when to use them.
  • Apply five techniques to select the best option from several potential solutions.
  • Explain how to evaluate and fine-tune a solution.
  • Course topics: 2.25 hours
  • Course test: 30 minutes

Desktop, laptop, or tablet

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Problem-Free Problem Solving

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