Managing Customer Loyalty Programs

Gain profit-building insights and long-term customers.

Customer loyalty programs are win-win: Customers receive rewards and savings. Pet store owners receive valuable shopper information they can use to increase sales and improve marketing Return on Investment (ROI). This course outlines how to launch a new or enhanced loyalty program that appeals to your customers and uses the technology you already have.

Audience: Managers

Track: Maintain & Grow Your Customer Base

Course Topics:

  • Understanding the Power of Loyalty Marketing
  • Evaluating the Benefits & Costs
  • Encouraging Loyalty & Measuring Success
  • Creating Structure & Value for a Loyalty Program
  • Managing Customer Loyalty Program Data
  • Planning a Loyalty Program Scope & Approach
  • Implementing & Maintaining a Loyalty Program
  • Marketing Your Loyalty Program
  • Considerations for Multiple Stores

After completing this course, managers should be able to:

  • Explain the advantages of loyalty marketing.
  • Evaluate program benefits and costs.
  • Manage the customer data your program generates.
  • Create a rollout plan and schedule for launching a loyalty program.
  • Motivate employees and customers to participate in your store’s program.
  • Promote your store's program on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement a program across multiple stores.
  • Course topics: 2.25 hours
  • Course test: 35 minutes

Desktop, laptop, or tablet

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Managing Customer Loyalty Programs

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